Organic Facials

About Our Organic Facials

We have sourced the highest quality organic brands available, which is the core essence within our entire range of high-performance skincare. All of their products are Organic, Chemical-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free and made in Australia.

Our skilled therapists will ensure that every skin type gets a tailor-made treatment to suit your skin concerns. We have specifically designed our organic facials with both your skins wellness and your relaxation in mind.

We begin and end each facial with our signature ‘Tibetan Singing Bowl Ritual’ which makes a melodic and blissful sound to balance and re-align the energy centres within your body. Every facial includes a tailor-made face mask and soothing face and neck massage.


Cleanse, Brighten, Tone

Refresh and nourish all skin types with an infusion of Organic Australian Skincare. Purify the skin with a deep exfoliating mask to cleanse without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. Combined with a relaxing scalp massage, high antioxidant plant serums are applied and massaged into the skin using Ancient Rose Quartz rollers, helping to restore the skin’s natural healthy glow.

Enjoy as a couple for $230

30 mins$115

Summer Glow-Up Facial

Rejuvenate. Hydrate. Brighten

Bring that summer glow to your skin with our Summer seasonal facial. Designed to replenish & brighten the skin amongst the summer heat & festivities. You’ll begin with LED light therapy to heal and rejuvenate the skin on a deeper level. Complete with an express lifting facial massage and our dreamy Alginate mineral mask to depuff and smooth your skin. 

– 20 minute LED light lounge session 

– Customised double cleanse 

– Prebiotic + Vit C gentle exfoliation

– Express lifting facial massage 

– Cooling Alginate mineral jelly mask to lift, smooth + de-puff 

– Brightening serum to even skin tone 

– Multivitamin oil elixir infusion 

– Customised moisturiser + spf 

– Refreshing rose water mist to finish 

Enjoy as a couple for $330

Add on Summer upgrade – Magnesium drink + cooling rose quartz stone massage for $35 

Book by calling us on (07) 5530 7959

60 mins$165

Vegan Collagen

Rehydrate, Stimulate, Revitalise

A cruelty-free, vegan, organic facial designed to support the skin’s regeneration. Using our Bio-active Enzyme Peel infused with pomegranate, papaya and white willow bark will gently remove dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal. High protein plant based Omega-rich oils and serums are applied and are absorbed into the skin using the traditional Gua Sha. Revitalizing dull skin while activating and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Enjoy as a couple for $330

45 mins$165


Earth, Fire, Water and Air

Featuring deeply-moisture replenishing ingredients, derived from Australian Botanicals are used to deeply cleanse and exfoliate while our signature raw Kaolin Clay Mask is hand blended and customised to target any elemental imbalances in the skin. Designed to relieve congestion, soothe irritation and nourish dehydration. This result-driven facial is complemented with a luxurious lymphatic facial massage revealing radiance and restoring harmony to the skin’s dermal layers.

Enjoy a Seasonal Upgrade for an extra $35

Upgrade your facial to our Seasonal Facial. Your skin requires different support depending on the seasons, let us customise a seasonal upgrade to suit your skin concerns.

Summer – Protect | Autumn – Replenish | Winter – Hydrate | Spring – Revitalise.

Enjoy as a couple for $390

60 mins$195

Calm Skin

Repair the Skin Microbiome

This facial is designed to rebuild and repair the skin’s natural microbiome and barrier function. Designed with naturopathically formulated ingredients to help fight against free radicals while assisting in restoring lipid function and reducing irritation and redness. Bio-fermented hyaluronic, prebiotics, calendula, antioxidants and Omega-rich oils are delivered into the skin, rebalancing Micro-flora while soothing and protecting skin from further environmental damage.

Enjoy as a couple for $420

60 mins$210

Bio Marine - Deep Sea Actives

Advanced Age Support & Repair

An ultra-restorative facial designed to switch on collagen and elastin production, alongside adding plumpness and brightness to the skin. Enhance your skin’s natural regeneration process with an infusion of natural actives, antioxidants, enzymes and peptides. Our age-defying signature myofascial lymphatic facial and neck massage is combined with our resurfacing peel and pore steam before a hydrating and calming Alginate Mask application. A Micro-Vibration Wand is then used to deeply infuse our antioxidant lifting serum and support the structural integrity of the skin.

Enjoy as a couple for $450

60 mins$225

Organic Skin Peel

Certified organic skin peel with naturally sourced AHA’s and Glycolic acid. Results in the elimination of dead skin cells and a faster regeneration of new skin cells. Designed to target specific skin concerns such as acne scarring, reduces pigmentation, reduces pore size ,smooths out wrinkles and fine lines, softens and tones skin.

45 mins$190


Prepare, rehydrate, glow.

30 min facial + 20 min LED Light Session

A preparation facial a few days before a special event. Radiate glowing beautiful skin. Beginning with our LED light lounge to recharge the skin’s cells where a therapist’s hands cannot reach. Your therapist will then guide you through a gentle exfoliating facial. Our Bio-active Enzyme Peel infused with pomegranate, papaya and white willow bark will soften and brighten the skin, ensuring just the right amount of exfoliation before your event. Followed by our Cyro plumping blend of ice cold serums that will drench your skin cells with hydration for the ultimate glow!

Headphones to listen to your own meditation or a podcast whilst under the LED light is recommended.

Our Radiance facial is unavailable on our online booking system. To make a booking for a Radiance facial, please call us on (07) 5530 7959

50 mins$190

Facial enhancements

Upgrade your facial with these luxury enhancements to be enjoyed with any facial treatment.

Eye Rejuvenation
Soothe tired, puffy eyes with products specifically designed to suit this delicate area of the face. Applied with a soothing eye massage to relax and rejuvenate.

Seasonal Upgrade
Upgrade your facial to our Seasonal Facial. Your skin requires different support depending on the seasons, let us customise a seasonal upgrade to suit your skin concerns.

Summer – Protect | Autumn – Replenish | Winter – Hydrate | Spring – Revitalise.

Activated Charcoal Pore Treatment
Our custom made charcoal mask designed to target the often problematic T-Zone. Our experienced facialists will also perform blackhead treatment and extractions if necessary.

Hand or Foot Salt therapy
Hydrating and lightly exfoliating feet or hands using Organic raw pink himalayan salt scrub with a warm towel removal and a hydrating massage.

Cryo Plumping
Our ice cold blend of serums increase oxygen and nutrients in your skin cells whilst constricting blood vessels to reduce redness and provide a plumper, more even appearance.

LED Dermalux LIGHT therapy ADD on $55 (additional 20 mins)
Correct, Repair, Rejuvenate
Add onto any treatment a one-off LED Light Therapy session giving your skin immediate visible results. BettLight-emitting diode (LED) therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, rejuvenating treatment for the skin. This incredible treatment has no downtime and targets most skin concerns.

Underarm Detox
Toxins in deodorant really are the pits! Make a change to toxin free deodorant. Our specialised treatment is designed to detoxify your underarms and kick start your healthy lifestyle change.

Warm Buddha Vegan Lunch (PB) (GF)
Maple roasted pumpkin, grilled zucchini, tomato relish, edamame, cherry tomatoes, avocado and mixed cabbage topped with tahini dressing and blue corn tortilla chips.


Have a question about this treatment?

How exciting! We cant wait to show you how we are different providing the best facial treatments on the Gold Coast.

We recommend starting with one of our Elemental Facials. This facial is tailor made to what our therapist finds your skin needs after a thorough consultation and skin analysis.

We also have time to show you products we recommend post appointment to keep your skin glowing at home.

We love getting regular facials too. In fact, we recommend getting one every 4-6 weeks.

To help you look after your skin, we have developed our Direct Debit packages. Choose any facial and enjoy it every month for 12 months but pay for only 10 treatments. So you get 2 free.

We also have the option to pay for this upfront or through our direct debit plan which is debited from your chosen account each fortnight.

Our clients always see a huge improvement in their skin with regular facials.

Yes all our facials are vegan.

We do not believe in animal testing or using ingredients derived from animals for any of our products used throughout our treatments.

Our Vegan Collagen Stimulating Facial has been developed to increase vital proteins in the skin to assist in collagen production. This facial is not our only vegan facial but may assist those who choose a vegan diet in delivering vital proteins to their skin.

Regular facials are the way to glowing skin. The therapist will be able to monitor your skin before any problems develop and ensure your home care is exactly what your skin needs.

If you are getting a facial so you are glowing before a special event, we recommend getting facials leading up to the event rather than leaving it to one facial just before the big day.

If you haven’t had a facial in a long while, your skin may get worse before it gets better. Sometimes there can be years of sebum and dead skin cell build up in neglected skin.

Everyone is different so talk to your therapist if you have any concerns prior to your treatment.

We use a range of different products for each facial depending on your skin type and condition. All the products we use and stock are vegan, toxin free and cruelty free.

We make our masks in house and ensure each mask is suitable for your skin.

All our products have been tried and tested by us prior to putting them on our shelves so you can always speak to someone who is familiar with the products.

We always make notes on what products we use and recommend for home use so if you cant remember at a later date, we can check our notes and let you know.

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