It’s A Dirty World

Welcome to the Dirty World Podcast where we talk about sustainability, health & beauty for busy, busy women.

Founder of Earth and Skin Organic Spa and Beauty Shop and Author of Clean Skin in a Dirty World – Louisa Hollenberg, talks with busy women who are illing it in businesses around Australia!

This podcast comes to you from the clean side of beauty. We will talk about tips and tricks for improving your life and your health without damaging planet Earth or the animals we share it with.

Season 1
Today I am speaking Marion O'Leary, the founder of Mokosh skincare. Marion went from a vet, to a mother ...
Season 1
From hairdressing to creating a range of natural, sustainable and organic bathroom products, meet Elena from...
Season 1
After causing a major incident on a highway, Nutritionist Alethea Mills realised mental health was ...
Season 1
Did you know that until the 1980s there were no studies for fitness done on women? Finally, science is ...
Season 1
From a white picket fence and a big diamond ring to living under a tree to now the founder and CEO ...
Season 1
Busy woman often care for everyone else before themselves. Meg is on a mission to help busy women put a ...
Season 1
  Former beauty writer Yasemin is now the hippest funeral director in Australia. How did she go ...
Season 1
Did you know some funerals are bad for the environment?  After Yasemin's 'dark night of the soul', she has...
Season 1
Changing the way we think about recycling. Chelsea McLean is using her PR background to help spread the word...
Season 1
Episode 2 of our series with Chelsea McClean. We drill down each room in the house to explore mindful ways...
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