About Our Pregnancy Spa Treatments

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients all of our pregnancy treatments are only available for clients who have entered the second trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

Mother Massage

Relax, Surrender, Calm

Enjoy our Mother Massage, a safe and supportive pregnancy massage designed for mothers-to-be after their first trimester. Surrender to a full body relaxation massage using “fragrance-free” pregnancy safe massage oil. The treatment is customised with a supportive pregnancy cushion or the option of side lying massage techniques to relieve body aches, tired muscles, and unwind mental tension and fatigue.

60 mins$220

Pregnancy Facial

Mother Facial

Soothe and Replenish

Our Mother Facial is a customised pregnancy facial ensures the utmost safety of both the baby and mother. It is an enriching organic facial that delivers exceptional nutrient dense elixirs to revitalise dry, sensitive, or hormonal skin. This treatment is infused with advanced antioxidants and essential fatty acids to support and hydrate the skin, fight free radical damage, and protect from visible signs of ageing.

45 mins$199

Pregnancy Spa Package

Mother Nurture

The Pregnancy Signature Experience

Our Mother Nurture treatment was designed as a gentle nurturing treat for Mum-to-be. This treatment starts with our customised pregnancy facial, specifically designed to gently nourish and replenish all skin types. We follow on with our Maidenhair Ritual, providing a soothing scalp massage and hair treatment. We finish at the feet, with an exfoliating salt foot scrub and gentle foot massage to ease tired limbs, edema, swollen feet, and ensure pampering from head to toe.

Not just for pregnant mummas – anyone can enjoy this treatment!

75 mins$355

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You can begin enjoying Earth and Skin’s pregnancy massage treatments from your second trimester onwards. This is a precaution to ensure your utmost safety and the wellbeing of your baby during the early, crucial stages of pregnancy.

However our pregnancy facial and pregnancy spa package can be enjoyed at any stage.

For foot relief, the Mother Nurture package is ideal. It includes a relaxing foot massage and a rejuvenating salt foot scrub specifically designed to alleviate the discomfort and swelling often experienced in the feet during pregnancy.

The facial treatments for pregnant clients are adapted using elevated support for comfort and safety. They also utilise organic, pregnancy-safe products to gently address the hormonal skin changes that can occur during pregnancy, ensuring both efficacy and safety.

Pregnancy massages at Earth and Skin are specially designed to cater to the physical changes and needs during pregnancy. They focus on alleviating common pregnancy-related discomforts like backaches and leg swelling, using safe massage techniques and supports for the utmost comfort.

Before your treatment, it’s recommended to be well-hydrated and to have a light meal. After the treatment, keep hydrated, take it easy, and follow any specific aftercare advice from your therapist to maximise the benefits of your treatment and ensure comfort.

Scalp massage and hair treatments, as part of the Maidenhair Ritual, are perfectly safe during pregnancy. They provide a soothing and relaxing experience, helping to alleviate the stress and tension that can build up during pregnancy.

To choose the most suitable pregnancy spa treatment, it’s best to have a consultation with one of our therapists. They can advise on treatments that best suit your current stage of pregnancy and any specific needs or concerns you may have.

All products used in Earth and Skin’s pregnancy treatments are carefully selected to be safe for pregnancy. They ensure that these products are free from harmful chemicals and are gentle yet effective for expectant mothers.

Yes, treatments like the Mother Massage are highly customisable. Earth and Skin’s therapists can tailor these pregnancy spa treatments to cater to your specific needs, comfort levels, and preferences, ensuring a safe and personalised experience.

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