The Top 5 Benefits of A Monthly Facial Treatment


At Earth & Skin, we believe in integrating self-care into your routine, especially when it comes to skincare. Embracing a facial treatment as often as possible not only improves your skin’s health but also enhances overall well-being. Let’s dive into the top five benefits of treating yourself to a monthly organic facial.

1. Deep Cleansing for Radiant Skin

Imagine your skin as a canvas exposed daily to dirt, pollution, and loads of impurities. This constant exposure can leave your skin fatigued, giving way for unwelcome guests like breakouts, dullness, and early signs of aging. Earth & Skin’s facial treatment is designed to counteract these effects with a deep cleansing process that goes well beyond your daily face wash routine. We utilise safe, effective products combined with gentle techniques to thoroughly cleanse your skin. This intensive purification process revitalises your complexion, bringing back a youthful glow and vibrancy. Moreover, our eco-friendly approach ensures that while caring for your skin, we also honour our commitment to the planet. Regular deep cleansing is vital, not just for immediate aesthetic benefits but for long-term skin health. A facial treatment is an essential part of your skincare regimen.

2. Feeding Your Skin the Right Food

Like a garden that thrives with the right care, your skin requires tailored nourishment to remain vibrant and healthy. Every visit to Earth & Skin is an opportunity for customised care, addressing the unique needs of your skin. Whether addressing dryness, sensitivity, or signs of aging, our facial treatment services are infused with nutrients essential for your skin’s wellbeing. Incorporating an organic facial treatment as recommended by your Skin Therapist ensures that your skin is not just momentarily pampered but consistently nourished. This ongoing nourishment fortifies your skin, enhancing its resilience and maintaining its radiant glow.

3. Relax and Let Go of Stress

Our spa is more than just a beautiful space; it’s a little piece of heaven offering a break from the busy pace of daily life. The stress-relieving benefits of our facial treatments extend beyond skin deep. Stress, a known aggravator of various skin conditions, can be significantly mitigated through our organic facials. The moment you enter Earth & Skin, the serene environment welcomes you. The peaceful ambience of our spa, with soothing music and gentle scents, contribute to a deeply relaxing experience. This calming space, coupled with the touch of our skilled professionals, makes our facials a holistic experience. Regularly experiencing this relaxation is crucial not only for your mental tranquillity but also for maintaining the health and balance of your skin.

4. Keeping Your Skin Looking Younger

Consider regular facial treatments as an investment in your skin’s future. Our approach is not just about addressing current concerns but also about laying the groundwork for long-term skin health. With specialised techniques and premium ingredients, our treatments are designed to maintain youthful elasticity, enhance firmness, and offer protection against environmental damage, like sun exposure. Continual care, achieved through a facial treatment, is key to preserving the youthfulness of your skin. This consistent attention helps in preventing future skin issues and maintaining a radiant, youthful complexion for years to come.

5. Better Absorption of Skincare Products

Frequent facial treatments also improve the efficacy of your daily skincare products. The exfoliation and cleansing processes during a facial clear the pores and remove dead skin cells, allowing for better absorption of the skincare products you use at home. This means that the serums, moisturisers, and treatments you apply will penetrate deeper and work more effectively, amplifying their benefits. Incorporating regular facials into your skincare routine ensures that your investment in high-quality skincare products is fully maximised, offering enhanced results and more value for your money.

Earth + Skin

Earth and Skin, Gold Coast is a Day Spa and Beauty Shop with a difference. Situated in our gorgeous Queenslander building, iconic to the heritage village of Mudgeeraba. Our light filled space is decorated with natural decor, living greenery and soothing music which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere where our clients enjoy mindful spa treatments without negative impact to their health or the environment. Enjoy a full range of facials, body therapy and beauty treatments. Everything we do at Earth and Skin is done with care for you, planet Earth and your skin. Because beauty does not have to compromise your health.

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