Body Contouring Massage

The ‘Contour’: Earth and Skin’s Unique Lymphatic Drainage Massage

At Earth and Skin, we’ve curated the ‘Contour’, a distinctive body contouring massage that achieves visible results through invigorating the lymphatic system. Our experienced therapists employ techniques like Gua Sha body scraping and lymphatic drainage massage, complemented with purifying essential oils of grapefruit, cypress, and juniper extracts. This high-definition body treatment aids in toxin elimination and minimises the appearance of cellulite while increasing blood flow and circulation in the body.

Along with reduced appearance of cellulite and enhancing your body’s detoxification process, our Contour lymphatic drainage massage offers a plethora of other benefits, including

  • Healthier skin
  • Improved immune system functions
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Body tension release
  • Reduced bloating

This massage will not only help you feel healthier but will also make you feel more confident in your own skin.

Enjoy as a couple for $420

60 mins$210

Have a question about this treatment?

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a specialised therapy designed to activate and cleanse your body’s lymphatic system. This system helps the body to eliminate toxins and waste. By stimulating this system, you can enhance your body’s natural detoxification process, leading to improved health and wellbeing.

How often you get a lymphatic drainage massages depends on your personal health and wellness goals. For general wellness and skin health, we recommend a session every month. However, if you’re addressing specific concerns like reducing inflammation or improving circulation, more frequent sessions may be beneficial. It’s always best to consult with our trained therapists for personalised advice.

Yes, most people can benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage. However, there may be certain conditions where this treatment may not be recommended. We always recommend a consultation prior to any treatment to ensure it’s suitable for your health and wellbeing needs.

While our lymphatic drainage massage is generally safe, we don’t recommend that pregnant clients undergo this treatment while pregnant. At Earth and Skin we offer other pregnancy massages and facial treatments that are completely safe for mum and baby.

Lymphatic drainage massages stimulate the body to remove toxins more effectively. While this process is beneficial, it can sometimes lead to temporary symptoms like fatigue or mild nausea as your body adjusts and expels these toxins. Drinking plenty of water after the treatment can help mitigate these symptoms.

A lymphatic drainage massage should not cause pain. Our trained therapists are skilled at applying the right amount of pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system without causing discomfort. As everyone’s pain tolerance is different, we encourage open communication with your therapist to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

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