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At Earth and Skin, we have been recognised by Urban List as being a “sanctuary [that] offers some of the best massages on the Gold Coast”. Our massages are the epitome of pure relaxation and luxury whilst using high-quality organic massage and essential oils to ensure your body is nurtured inside and out.

Massage therapy has been used for centuries in the process of healing with the first written practices being used within Ayurvedic medicine in India. Massage is used in our modern world for remedial, preventative and relaxation purposes. That’s right we’re here talking about relaxation and self-care again. Why? Because it is not simply a luxury, it is essential in the busy world that we live in.

“I had a hot stone massage recently and it was truly divine! From the moment you step foot into the salon you feel a sense of inner bliss. The interior is beautifully laid out, the service is first class and the massage was to die for. I can highly recommend Earth & Skin, they absolute own their title as Queensland’s leading Beauty Salon!”

Mike, Aug 2019

Different strokes for different folks

Massage therapists use a variety of massage strokes to achieve various results from relaxation, improving circulation and supporting lymphatic flow for detoxification.

Massages may include strokes such as effleurage, a stroking movement often used to link each stage of the massage and bring the massage treatment to a close. It is used to promote relaxation and to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow supporting circulation and toxin removal from the body.

Petrissage, which is a compression style movement of kneading and rolling to promote circulation and increase blood supply to the muscles and connective tissue to promote healing and recovery.

Various other massage strokes include friction, tapotement and feathering depending on the client’s treatment needs and desires.

“Massage therapists listen with their hands and their hearts”

Best massage on the Gold Coast at Earth & Skin

All massages are the same, right? Hhmm, not really. 

We all know the perfect massage that leaves you feeling like you’ve been transported to a blissful world far away, your breath has quietened, your heart rate slowed, muscles so relaxed and supple you could gain a proud grin from your yoga teacher and the world feels right again. And then, we’ve been for that one where we don’t feel a connection with the therapist, our minds are caught overthinking the day and we’re counting down the minutes until it’s over. 

Earth and Skin are about creating the ultimate experience for our clients in our facials and our massages are no different. Our experienced therapists provide the perfect massage for every client from an extensive massage treatment menu including the Lomi Ritual, Ancient Stone Massage, Earth Massage and the beautiful Body Balance Massage. 

The Opening

The opening to all of our massages is designed to connect and encourage presence through deep breathing and exhaling all tension. Earth and Skin massages begin with a ceremony to allow stress and life expectations to wash away ensuring your mind is quietened so your body can receive the beauty of the treatment ahead. Our Tibetan sound bowls are a favourite tool in our opening ceremony. Utilising sound and vibration to harmonise with the body and prepare for relaxation. The essential oil signature blend is introduced with deep inhalations opening the senses to be in the now and bring awareness to the sacred space for the time ahead. The opening ceremony comes to an end with hot towels applied to the feet, gentle opening of the hips and connections made to the pressure points in the feet. 

Earth and Skin’s Massage Treatments

At Earth and Skin we offer a variety of massage treatments to the Gold Coast.

Lomi Ritual Massage

A heavenly massage based on the teachings of the Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage, a traditional massage passed down through the generations until teachings began in the 1970s.

The massage is intuitive and sensory, starting with an intentional heart breath, the massage leads into a continuous flow promoting deep relaxation. This massage is centred around the heart and the flow of energy allowing for the energy meridian lines to be cleared and released.

There is a serious connection with the therapist and many find the treatment powerful on an emotional level. Often, those who experience Lomi lomi for the first time, say they have never experienced a massage like it.

“Time spent receiving a massage is never wasted time”

Earth Massage

A full-body relaxation massage beginning with the Earth and Skin opening ceremony. One of our shorter massage experiences, the Earth Massage is a rhythmic flow designed to create peace and harmony between the body and the mind. The perfect massage to reduce stress and tension in the body and mind and tailored to the client’s personal needs. Tight shoulders? We got you. Sore back? We got you. Feeling stressed and burned out? We’ve got you, simply relax and let us work our magic.

Body Balance Massage

A sensory massage designed to leave you feeling centred and balanced. Beginning with an optional guided chakra meditation and selection of crystals to be placed along with your energy centres throughout the massage. 

Eyes closed, you will select the aromatherapy blend that speaks to you in that moment. Closing the eyes and tuning in to the sensory power of smell, allowing your heart to be the decision-maker, something we can lose the power in the world in which we live, continually making decisions with the head. This beautiful balancing massage incorporates our signature Earth Massage.

“Happiness is…an Earth and Skin Massage”

Ancient Stone Massage

Ideal massage for tired tense muscles and for the release of built-up tension. A beautiful hot stone massage using volcanic basalt stones encouraging deeper muscle relaxation with heat and the ability of the therapist to work at a deeper level.

The basalt stones are placed on the sacral region and the heart whilst various body parts are massaged with the combination of hands-on massage followed by the introduction of the stone.

Hot towels are applied at the close of the massage to encourage re-grounding and finished with a scalp massage to release energy.

Massage Fusion

The ultimate massage treatment fit for a beauty queen, yes that’s you! The massage fusion incorporates all massage styles including a dry body brushing experience to excite and stimulate circulation and lymphatic movement whilst providing gentle exfoliation for the skin. The perfect massage treatment for the indecisive amongst us, I hear you, with so many divine experiences to choose from, why should we choose, right?

“I hate getting a massage. – Said no one ever”

The Closing

We understand heading straight back into the real world after being immersed in Earth and Skin needs a gentle and slow exposure. An invitation to relax in the lounge with herbal tea and/or filtered water and relish in the post-massage bliss is exactly what is needed. You are welcome to unwind in our peaceful space.

“You are one massage away from a good mood”

Feeling a little bit extra?

Our treatment menu offers optional extras to create a bespoke treatment just for you.

“To Do List: Schedule a Massage. Enjoy Massage. Schedule next Massage”

Learn more about our massage treatments.

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Earth + Skin

Earth and Skin, Gold Coast is a Day Spa and Beauty Shop with a difference. Situated in our gorgeous Queenslander building, iconic to the heritage village of Mudgeeraba. Our light filled space is decorated with natural decor, living greenery and soothing music which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere where our clients enjoy mindful spa treatments without negative impact to their health or the environment. Enjoy a full range of facials, body therapy and beauty treatments. Everything we do at Earth and Skin is done with care for you, planet Earth and your skin. Because beauty does not have to compromise your health.

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