Which is better: “Preventative” Botox or Regular facials

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Preventative botox is a trend we are seeing a lot of lately. Usually reserved for the more mature in our population as a way of gripping onto a youthful appearance. By injecting facial muscles with a muscle relaxant those muscles that cause the skin to wrinkle stop working. No squinty eyes – no wrinkles round the eyes. No frowny face, no forehead lines.

You get the idea.

In the past, most people haven’t even thought about getting muscle relaxants until their first wrinkles appear however, we are seeing a trend for ‘preventative botox’ where young adults who don’t have any wrinkles (lets face it, they’ve really only just got their license) are getting botox, disport or other brands of muscle relaxants to prevent ever getting wrinkles.

Smart idea, hoax or recipe for disaster? We asked our Operations Manager Emily about the new trend in preventative botox and whether she would ever consider it.

Emily – Age 27 – Operations Manager and Beauty Therapist for 7 years

I must admit muscle relaxants and fillers have crossed my mind heading into my 30’s. I definitely noticed a big difference in my skin after 25, as this is the age we start to lose about 1% of collagen each year. I started to really dwell over the fine lines that are now permanently on my forehead and the creases on my neck and around my eyes getting deeper – my overall youthful glow and bounce just wasn’t the same. Not to mention the fact that all my friends had started dabbling in botox and lip fillers.

The reason we’re encouraged to get ‘preventative botox’ is because muscle relaxants become less effective overtime, so the idea is to prevent rather than to eliminate.
However as muscle relaxants reduce the muscle tissues from contracting, a side effect can result in a reduction of overall strength and structure of the muscle which is where the need for other procedures would be needed to then fill the sagging/sunken facial muscles. Think of it in the way someone with a spinal injury, where nerve conduction to their legs is cut off, you start to see the muscle mass in their legs continuously decrease without use. This is what happens with muscle relaxant injections.

For me, the idea of injecting a neurotoxin with precautions around fertility and no long-term studies to evaluate potential carcinogenic risks is too risky. Muscle relaxants are a quick fix and still require top ups every 3 months or so. The body recognises it as an unknown substance and works in overtime to try to breakdown and eliminate the toxin from the body.

I always encourage my clients to do their own research and ultimately do what feels right for them. While muscle relaxant use can be life changing for people who suffer with migraines, injuries, excessive sweating etcetera, for me, the risk does not outweigh the reward. I personally feel the world has forgotten the beauty in ageing gracefully!

For those looking for a more natural alternative to muscle relaxants, here are my top 4 suggestions: –

Micro-needling to address any concerns with texture, fine lines, hydration and firmness
Facial Massage – lots of regular facial massage (regular being key) helps to tighten muscles which hold our face structure. As well as being super relaxing and aiding in stress relief (another anti-ageing aid)
Facial yoga for a bit of fun as this addresses the regular movements and habits we do daily that cause the muscle contractions that cause deep wrinkles and sagging of the muscles eg. the way chew and drink.
Gua Sha massage is another modality that will release, smooth, lift and firm the facial muscles and increase blood flow which will oxygenate the cells, encouraging healthy collagen and elastin production.

My personal thoughts may be food for thought for others in my predicament. The reality is muscle relaxants will not fix your skin’s texture, breakouts, pigmentation or glow. I can’t even think about the anxiety I get when it comes to needles versus the relaxation and mental clarity after my regular facial!

Therefore muscle relaxants will NEVER replace the need for amazing high quality low-tox skincare and regular facials. In fact even with muscle relaxants and fillers, regular facials and the right skincare ingredients are important to prolong and support the results.

Overall the choice is ultimately yours and all of our Earth and Skin therapists are here to support your skin alongside your botox treatments or look at natural alternatives to minimise wrinkles and signs of ageing.


Earth and Skin is a Gold Coast organic day spa with a difference. We offer beauty treatments and products that are vegan, organic, chemical-free and free from animal cruelty. We have done the research into the safety and toxicity of common beauty rituals and have developed our menu based on the safest, most effective treatments available. If you’d love to experience beauty that cares for you and the Earth, we’d love to see you. Call now on 07 5530 7959 to book an appointment or book online.

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