Men’s Skincare Routine: Keep It Simple

Mens massage at Earth and Skin day spa on the Gold Coast

Wondering what a men’s skincare routine should look like?

Male skin is not that much different from the female skin, however, it’s the lifestyle factors such as increased risk of sun damage, pigmentation and barrier damage due to harsh weather conditions that make a huge difference.

It’s important to know the key differences in the composition and structure of men’s skin to know how to help and treat their concerns.

Men’s skin vs women’s skin

Pore size
Men have slightly larger pores around the nose and chin, making them more apparent to the eye.

Oil production
Men are more prone to acne, blackheads, blocked sebaceous glands and acne scarring due to increased oil production.

Thicker skin
Men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s so they are less prone to fine lines.

Loss of collagen
Collagen starts to degrade faster in men so deep wrinkles and loss of volume can happen much earlier for men than women. This causes men’s skin to age faster.

Facial hair
Shaving routines affect the oil production and suitability of certain products on the skin.

Our men’s spa treatments have been carefully curated to target these issues alongside helping the men in our life enjoy relaxation in a spa setting.

Why should men pick natural skincare products?

We love it that men are taking better care of their skin than ever before. It’s such an important part of living a healthy life as what we put on our skin affects our health, our immunity, our appearance and even sperm count! In 2017, a study revealed that the sperm count of western men had declined by 50 per cent to 60 per cent between 1973 and 2011, dropping on average 1 per cent to 2 per cent per year. This is a result from lifestyle choices and links to chemicals found in our everyday products such as deodorant, body wash and more.

Daily skin products such as shaving cream and sunscreen are loaded with harmful nasties. The accumulated effects can be catastrophic, therefore, it’s worth taking the time to clean up the bathroom cupboard and invest in some toxin free men’s products that finally address what men actually need to keep radiant healthy skin.

The simple, easy skincare routine for men:

Firstly remember, simplicity works best!

Rather than trying to introduce a complicated skin routine into a man’s life we suggest conquering a variety of issues with less products. Generally oilier skin types need efficient cleansing and exfoliating with ingredients that help to kill any bacteria and break down excess oil buildup.

Men's facial at Earth and Skin day spa on the Gold Coast

A Gel Cleanser

A good non foaming slippery cleanser that doesn’t strip oils is a great idea to use instead of harsh shaving foams.
We recommend Mukti Balancing Cleanser. This gentle foaming gel cleanser controls and balances oily skin. This daily cleanser can also emulsify into a shaving cream that won’t cause irritation or dryness.

Due to the lifestyle many men live (working on construction sites or in the sun), daily cleansing is crucial to ensure the skin is cleansed from dust, sweat and other nasties in the environment.

An exfoliant

An exfoliant that is high in Vitamin C will help boost collagen production whilst exfoliating off the dead skin cells and kill bacteria. We recommend the Mukti 2-in-1 exfoliant which deeply nourishes and cleanses the skin whilst improving skin texture.

It’s also important to remember to pick an exfoliant that does not contain micro-beads as they are polluting our waterways and oceans.

Facial oil
A soothing and moisturising omega facial oil can feed and calm the skin after shaving and provide much needed moisture and healing properties needed.

Not only will facial oil help with dryness on the skin, but can be used as a beard oil to soften and revive facial hair.

Active serums
Mens skin needs as much support as possible. Gel-like serums that are high in antioxidants are great as they don’t clog the skin but can hydrate and replenish collagen loss and calm the skin from shaving rash and irritation.

Active Serums such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C (learn your Vitamin ABC’s here) and Hyaluronic Acid (link to active blog) are here to restore, heal and hydrate the skin further.

SPF sunscreen
This last step is probably the most important to a men’s skincare routine. Prevention is the best cure, therefore, if you use natural SPF sunscreen (learn more here) daily before you leave home each day, you will minimise sun damage, pigmentation and help slow the process of ageing.

Men's skincare routine: mens facial at Earth and Skin day spa on the Gold Coast

How to get men to ditch the bar of soap they use for everything.

To kick start their new, men’s skincare routine, why not book them in for one of our men’s spa treatments? Our treatments target reducing pore size and congestion, stimulating hair growth and facial hair.

Whilst a skincare routine for males who use a bar of soap daily can be a bit overwhelming, we can assure you they will thank you for their bright, youthful skin in years to come.

Book Dad in for a treatment or purchase a gift voucher this Father’s Day.


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