I’m turning 40! Your guide to Amazing skin at any age

Yes that’s right. I am turning 40.

4….0…. The BIG 4 OH…..

It’s funny how time ticks by and we age in years but our minds don’t really change.

If only our skin didn’t change either.

Saying that – I think I look pretty good for 40. Actually I think I look pretty good regardless of my age.

So – now that I am so wise and so old (very tongue in cheek), Here are my best tips for caring for your skin through the ages. Because whether you are 21 or 71, we all deserve to have the best skin we can.


In your 20’s..

Oestrogen levels peak in your 20’s which is why your skin is usually at its best. It’s even-toned, tight and plump. However, those drops in Oestrogen just before your period are what’s to blame for hormonal breakouts we sometimes get at this age.

You need a skincare regime that is all about prevention now ladies. Preventing the breakouts and preventing the aging process.

If you haven’t already developed a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine then now is the time. No matter how big your night is – always remove your makeup before bed. Choose a cleanser that does not strip away your skins natural oils. If your skin feels tight after cleansing – it is too harsh. Your skin should feel soft and nourished when using the right cleanser.

Sun Protection is your number one preventative anti-aging treatment so make sure you apply sunscreen daily – don’t forget your hands and décolletage. Also take steps to limit your sun exposure by covering up with a hat and sleeves.

In your 30’s

You will notice a big change in your skin throughout your 30’s as Oestrogen levels start to decline. This causes lower levels of collagen and elastin (tightening) and hyaluronic acid (plumping).

You want to continue with what you did in your 20’s but if you weren’t getting them before,  regular facials are a must now. Facials help to tighten the skin and increase collagen production through facial massage.  They also assist with stress relief which has also shown to slow the aging process.

During this decade you can see dryness and less ease in recovery from inflammation. The skin naturally rests and repairs at night so get yourself some great night serums and moisturisers and a good eye cream to nourish that delicate eye area.

In your 40’s

You will need to add some more intensive moisturiser as well as a serum for extra nourishment as our natural sebum production starts to slow down. Unfortunately collagen production takes a massive nose-dive now as well so doing whatever you can to stimulate the skin will help. Anytime you make the skin flushed, you are causing it to produce collagen. Think massage, light exfoliation and sweating (sex and exercise).

Cleanse only in the evening to ensure you don’t strip the skin of moisture. In the morning, (providing you have cleansed the night before) you can just wash your face with water. I recommend a gentle exfoliation twice a week also.

In your 50’s

You may notice more pigmentation as our hormones change again. Those cute freckles from your teens and early 20’s have turned into larger spots that won’t go away. A brightening system as well as a good exfoliant can help with this. Exfoliating twice a week and application of a brightening system can help with evening out skin tone.

That menopausal hormonal change can cause very dry skin and even acne. Just when you thought those years were long gone. Get a skin analysis performed by a trusted professional. What you have been doing for the last few years might not suit your skin anymore. A facialist will be able to provide advice about the best way to take care of your skin now.

I recommend gentle cleansers, gentle exfoliation, intensive moisturisers, eye creams and serums.

Also Melanoma risk in Australia is still the highest in the world – don’t forget to get regular all over skin checks by a skin specialist.

Why not book an appointment for a facial and we can help you achieve your skin goals?

Earth + Skin

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