Skin Prep Secrets For A Party Season Glow

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When I think of a party season I think of my skin being bouncy and glowy with a slight shimmer. However, I know this time of year most of us are already burnt out before the festive season even begins. This is even more the reason to schedule in your skin prep and self-care to look and feel your best! You deserve it!

Nourishing Your Way to a Perfect Party Season Skin Prep

Personally in the lead up to any event I try to cut out alcohol, sugar and dairy to focus on my gut health 6 weeks prior, as I know my gut health directly impacts the fine lines & breakouts on my skin. I know right.. In a perfect world. It’s something worth mentioning for those who like to look at things holistically and want to take it that one step further.

8 Essential Skin Prep Tips For The Party Season

Most likely you’re reading this with only a few days before your christmas party. Below are my top tips to get your skin prep sorted and be christmas party ready! 

1. Don't do anything drastic or change anything

Now is not the time to experiment or try something new on the off chance it all goes pear shaped, like a reaction or breakout. 

2. Be extra cautious in the sun

I know this might sound silly but I wish someone would have told me this years ago before my best friend’s wedding. It’s not worth the peeling nose, shoulders and tan lines. Just book an organic spray tan for a light summer glow! 

3. Ahhhh your worst nightmare … a pimple!

If it’s a few days before the event my best advice is a spot treatment and a quick 20 minute LED session as the blue wave-length will kill off the acne causing bacteria from beneath the skin. If it’s the night before, I like to hold a cold green tea bag on it to help calm any inflammation and promote healing. Whatever you do, do NOT pick! It’s so much easier to hide a pimple than a scab with makeup.

4. Hydrate - internal & external

Our skin only receives up to 20% of the water we drink as all other vital organs are prioritised first and even then our skin’s hydration is up against external factors that pull water from our skin like air conditioning and pollution. So while it’s important to up your water intake, we also want to ensure we’re using products that will help our skin retain water such as hyaluronic acid (like a big sea sponge, holds 1000x its weight in water!) and ceramides (act like a second skin – they protect, nourish and lock everything in). My top suggestions to incorporate into any routine are below: 

  • MUKTI Rose Blossom Mist 
  • Earth + Skin HA Hyaluronic Serum 
  • MUKTI Queen of the Night

5. Exfoliate but just the right amount

Exfoliation can sometimes disrupt the skin’s natural microbiome or detox what’s under the surface. Therefore this is best done gently and 2 days prior to your christmas party, followed with products as above to ensure we replace anything good we have stripped from our skin when exfoliating and nourish the fresh exposed skin cells.  

Try MUKTI 2 in 1 but foam it up and apply it like a face mask to allow the natural acids and enzymes to gently eat away any dull dead skin cells – no scrubbing needed! 

6. Sheet mask

This is always my go to the morning of any event. I ensure I allow an extra 30 minutes before applying my makeup for skincare or even just pop this on while I have my breakfast in the morning saves time too. I also like to put it in the fridge the night before to help depuff and calm any redness. Any leftover residue I massage into my neck, decolletage, legs and arms. After the mask has been on for 20 minutes, I take a moment to massage any excess serum from the mask into the skin following the lymphatic pathways along my face – outwards & upwards to help lift the muscles of the face.

7. Use Skincare as your primer

I think the key to a good base for your makeup is nothing too heavy, lots of lightweight hydration to plump out any fine lines and hydrate the skin. The 3 products mentioned above are perfect for this also.

8. The final touches

Make sure to moisturise your whole body – no cracked heels or dry knees in sight please. Use a touch of bronzer and highlighter on shoulders & collar bones for a sunkissed glow! If you have time prior I always like to buy a new lippy colour or blush to feel extra special! 

Why not skip steps 3 – 6 of skin prep and book in for our Radiance facial

A big question I get asked when preparing for events is what order to do things in. This is my recommendation: 

  1. 3 days prior eventeyebrows (they really do shape the face!), Radiance facial, pedi/mani, full body exfoliation & hair removal
  2. 2 days prior to event – organic spray tan 
  3. 1 day prior to event – wash hair 
  4. Day of event – take my time to enjoy getting ready and get into the holiday spirit!

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