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Our Self-Care guide to the Festive Season

The festive season can be one of the most magical times of the year enjoying time with friends and family, a time of reflection and time to enjoy the summer holidays with warm weather and beach days. Sounds like a dream right?


Well, for many Christmas can represent a time of stress. Financial burden, work deadlines and increased social demands can lead to increased pressure to be everything to everyone. And then there are the social expectations – Yes, we’re looking at you “one Christmas drink” that turned into a few too many Aperol Spritz and a hazy head.


Christmas movies have set the bar high with unrealistic expectations of how this time of year should feel and it can break our spirit when our Christmas doesn’t match the fairytale. Instead it can feel we are starring in Lampoons Vacation wondering when the next family crisis may hit.


With this in mind we decided to share our key tips to surviving Christmas.


It’s OK to Say No

This is an art for many of us and learning that a polite “no” does not require any further explanation, it is the key to keeping time for you and not over committing to social engagements during the festive season. Before saying yes, think about if the social event excites you or are you saying yes to please others? 


Easy on the Gift Giving and DIY Fun

Life can become a never ending chase of more: being more, giving more, doing more and gift giving doesn’t escape this. A great idea to decrease stress is engaging the family in a kris kringle, or try a different idea. How about giving a gift that doesn’t cost any money. Bake something or create a voucher for a service that you can personally do for the recipient like washing their car or babysitting? 


We have created our very own Earth and Skin advent calendar for the team and it is so much fun. Enjoy a craft afternoon and create a plastic free calendar for your household and enjoy fun time with the kids.


Take time out and Switch Off…Literally.

If you’re in the middle of a Christmas gathering and the noise and people are getting a bit much, there is no shame in taking yourself off to a quiet corner for a bit of time to yourself. We’ve all got one family member that falls asleep on the couch. Be that person! You don’t need to fall asleep on the couch but you can disappear from the noise and stimulation by taking yourself to an empty room or quiet corner of the backyard just for a few moments of deep breathing. You won’t miss out on much! A few moments of quiet will make you more capable of handling the intensity of Christmas gatherings and help you be a bit more festive.


And when you are with people detach from your phone and invest in those around you. Switch it off and enjoy the moments you are in rather than investing time on seeking the ultimate insta shot. Forget showing the social media world what a fab time you are having and simply have a fab time.


Water is Queen

A simple way to say I love you to your body and skin through these warmer months and the party season is by keeping the water intake up. We are around 60% water, we aren’t mathematicians but we think that number tells us the humble liquid is not overrated. Immersing yourself in water with a cool magnesium bath is another way to wind down and enjoy some time to yourself.


Move that Body

It’s a time of year that many of us are on holidays with free time to catch up with friends, often involving food or alcohol. Mix it up and arrange a few social dates around activities that involve movement including beach walks, hiking, yoga classes or bike rides, all are fun ways to meet and give the lymphatic system a helping hand to detoxify.


Dry Brushing and Detoxification

One of our favourite ways to give the detoxification pathways a boost, improve circulation and give your skin a glow. Bamboo brush stroked up each leg and arm towards the heart each morning before a shower is a wonderful way to start the day.


The key to surviving the festive season is remembering we don’t have an endless cup whether it be time, gifts or energy. Keep it simple, full of love and friendships and memories to fill your soul and enter the new decade full of hope, health, glowing skin and big dreams.


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