Going on one of these types of holidays? Here’s a skincare routine for each type

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We love taking time over the Christmas season with our family and friends and some of us may be lucky enough to enjoy a holiday away from home visiting an exciting destination.

Especially coming out of the last few years with Covid restrictions, it is amazing to be able to get out into the world again.

Different destinations call for different ways to look after your skin so we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts for your holiday destination.


Long haul flight

Image via Unsplash

Nobody particularly enjoys flying, especially long haul but if you want to see the3 world it is the quickest way to get there. Flying is particularly drying on the skin so it is important to take measures to keep your skin hydrated so it is looking fresh when you get to your destination.

Hydrating spritz

Super easy to use and very effective on long haul flights. Simply spritz your skin regularly to maintain some moisture. 

Louisa recommends the Clemence Bio Spritz

Lip balm

A lip balm is essential for maintaining the hydration in your lips. Make sure you apply it regularly but particularly before you try to sleep. 

Nourishing moisturiser

Your favourite nighttime moisturiser is perfect to use throughout the flight whether it’s day or night (I mean who can keep track of time on a long haul flight anyway?) Apply before you board and then when you try to get some zzz’s.

Eye Drops

One of my favourite things to carry on long haul flights are hydrating eye drops. The air on aircraft is super drying so I find eyedrops helps to reduce the gritty feeling in my eyes. I use my eyedrops regularly throughout the flight and at any stopovers and find they help me to look bright and alert when I’ve arrived at my destination. 


Remember that there are size restrictions on liquids, gels and creams on international flights so make sure you decant into a travel container or buy small.



Image via Unsplash

We live in one of the most wonderful countries to explore with our bush, beach and desert.  So many of us love camping under the stars to give us the real feeling of switching off and getting back to nature. Whether you love basic camping and digging your own toilet, have the luxury of a caravan or are more of the glamping kind of person, you cannot do without these skin essentials when you set off.


When you are camping you are invariably outdoors more than you usually would be. Particularly if you usually work inside. Make sure you apply sunscreen as part of your regular morning routine and then reapply throughout the day.

Body moisturiser

That nighttime shower is such a pleasure when you are camping. Rinsing off all the dust and residue of the day so you feel fresh and clean for bed. Take the time to apply moisturiser when you get out of the shower so your skin remains hydrated and the moisturiser can soak in while you sleep.

Insect repellent

Don’t forget your insect repellent. There is nothing worse than getting attacked by tiny little creatures that can leave itchy red lumps all over your body. Especially if you are prone to being the only one getting attacked. We all know that person. Dont let it be you. Apply regularly especially at dusk.

Insect Bite remedy

Just in case the repellent wasn’t enough. Insect bite remedy will help ease the itch if you do get bitten. Especially handy if you are travelling with children who tend to itch bites until they bleed. Get your insect remedy onto the bites before they become sores.


White Christmas 

Image via Unsplash

Oh how incredible  it is to experience a white Christmas when you live in Australia. If you are lucky enough to travel to the northern hemisphere this Christmas to experience a festive season so different to ours, you need to protect your skin from the elements. Don’t forget these skin essentials.

Nourishing night cream

Make sure you are prepared and don’t wait until your skin is cracked and dry and screaming for hydration. It’s essential to start using your nourishing night cream on the flight and don’t stop the entire time you are on your vacation. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated.

Sun protection

It’s difficult to think of sun protection when it is so cold outside but the sun is still strong enough to cause damage and sunburn even when it is snowing. Especially if you are lucky enough to go skiing on some mountains. You are closer to the sun meaning you are more exposed to the damaging sun rays. Make sure you don’t skip your sun protection routine every day and reapply as necessary.

Lip Balm

As above, preparation is key. Apply your lip balm on the flight and continue once you arrive at your destination. Bonus points if your lip balm also contains an SPF. The lips is one of the most common places for skin cancer so cover them up!


Beach Holiday

Most of us don’t have to travel far to enjoy the beach when we live in Australia. Even if we do live close to the beach, sometimes we just want to go to a different beach to feel like we are getting away from it all. Here are my favourites to take to the beach with me whenever we go on a beach holiday.


Ok. We’ve heard it all. I don’t think I need to say it anymore. Apply sunscreen and reapply regularly including straight after you swim. 

Hair Cream

I love a nourishing hair cream to apply to my hair before I hit the beach. It helps to protect from sun damage (yes your hair can get damaged by the sun too) and damage from salt water. Particularly if your hair is colour treated, a hair cream can help to nourish and protect your hair.

Body moisturiser

I particularly love getting back from the beach, rinsing off the sand and salt water and applying my favourite body moisturiser or oil. Your skin will thank you after hours of sun, sand and salty water. Rub your feet in the sand for some extra exfoliation and baby soft feet after you moisturise!

It’s been a big year and you deserve a break!Enjoy your summer holidays, whatever you do. Stay safe on the roads and enjoy precious time with your loved ones. 


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