Earth and Skin turns 5 – Our story so far…

Earth and Skin’s Birthday
Five years of toxin-free luxury beauty, self-care and sustainable business

From a humble start on a dream and a desire to make a difference to a centre of education, and self-care. Earth and Skin are creating a new way of beauty with care for our health and planet Earth.

Earth and Skin Organic Day Spa and Beauty Shop was proudly established on the Gold Coast in 2014 and has grown from a small boutique space in Miami to a seven-treatment room beauty spa set in the community of Mudgeeraba providing an elegant welcoming retreat for you to unwind.


Where did the idea originate to create Earth and Skin?

“After some unexpected life experiences and health challenges personally and to people close to me I went looking for safer alternatives to skincare. This sparked an interest in environmental toxin education. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it. My love of business grew and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the ball started rolling. I was determined to create a space that was different from other day spa and beauty salons. I combined my experience in customer service, science and beauty to create something unique.”

Louisa was inspired to reassess her health and the impact of the beauty industry when she lost her sense of smell after daily exposure to chemicals in the beauty industry. Her entrepreneurial skills, life experiences and passion for safe beauty became the key to the success of providing an oasis of relaxation, self-care and beauty and the basis of Earth and Skin’s incredibly successful first five years. 


Have you always been involved in beauty?

“Haha, No..I explored varied careers in hospitality and customer service, designing and selling handbags, dentistry and as an acrylic nail technician. It was in this role as a nail technician where I was exposed to chemicals on a daily basis. After I lost my sense of smell I looked for an alternative and that started the vision of providing a luxury toxin-free beauty space.”

Sourcing safe products for individual health and the health of the planet can be overwhelming and confusing, with the power of clever marketing and changing health messages, it can be difficult to know if the choices we are making are right. Louisa has taken the guesswork out by researching and seeking out the safest, most sustainable luxury skincare products and making them available in one location.

“We won’t be greenwashed in our quest to provide products and treatments that only promote wellbeing and a cleaner way of life. We take the guesswork out of choosing the best options both in treatments and skincare products.”

The strong belief that beauty should cause no harm and is holistic in nature, provided a canvas for the business design and the treatments offered. The desire to create an experience that delivered more than the simple steps of beauty treatment and to provide an experience where the body and mind were nourished in a safe and peaceful space was paramount.

“We are pioneers in seeking a better way of nourishing our bodies. We are not anti-ageing, we believe ageing is a privilege and can be done with grace & wellness.”


What would you describe Earth and Skin’s philosophy?

“Luxury, sustainability, eco-friendly, toxin-free, mindful beauty, authentic and self-care. These words are ingrained in our hearts and are at the centre of all of our decision making at Earth and Skin. Our brands use the highest quality ingredients and sustainable manufacturing processes to minimise the impact on both the environment and our health. We are authentic and ethical, we are not just about appearances on the surface.”


How do you minimise the impact on the environment?

“We think about waste and reduce it where possible. We practice responsible waste disposal with sustainable waste management, including composting and recycling ensuring the environmental impact of the spa is minimal. Our sanitising procedure ensures both a clean spa and a healthy environment.”


How do you design your spa treatments?

“Essentially our treatments and rooms are designed to minimise the stress we feel from the fast-paced world in which we live. From the moment of arrival to our closing ceremony, we allow the body to let the day’s pressures and expectations simply drift away. Crystals, singing bowls & guided meditation are available to alleviate emotional blocks, promoting self-worth, harmony and self-awareness.”

Moving the spa in Earth and Skin’s youth from a boutique commercial space to a standalone business allowed Louisa to explore her vision of a haven to reduce stress and maximise wellbeing. Her vision of providing privacy and peace where the Earth and Skin experience started the moment clients stepped out of their car was achieved. The stunning luxury space offers clean lines and simplicity and was designed with the intention of creating an extension of the home where the client feels truly welcome. The goal was to provide a space of nurture and relaxation whereupon walking through the french doors, each person felt safe and cared for, an essential part of self-care and wellbeing. 


Who are the Earth and Skin team?

The team proudly includes Tiffany, Bec, Georga, Alana, Tiarna, Aliya and Stella as the incredible therapists and Millie, Alethea and myself in administration and management. Our therapists are highly skilled in organic product with a passion for high-quality service and skin solutions. The team have been selected to offer diversity with varied life experiences, personalities and energies allowing an opportunity for every client to find the perfect therapist for them.”


What’s next for Louisa Hollenberg?

“I was seeking a way to create a community and provide education en masse in the field of toxin-free beauty and chose to enter the world of writing and speaking. I have written a book aptly titled ‘Clean Skin in a Dirty World‘ and we have been busy interviewing forward-thinking like-minded people for our upcoming podcast called ‘The Dirty World Podcast‘. We are so excited to be releasing this vibrant and fun platform to the community and placing a spotlight on people doing amazing things and paving paths in health, sustainable living and beauty.”

Louisa’s podcast will be released in October, it is fresh, vibrant and casual conversations will deliver up to date information and awareness on the latest in low impact living with simple ways to live your most vibrant life. If you prefer to take some time out and curl up with an interesting and captivating read, Louisa’s book is set for release in early 2020. The book is designed as an informative easy to understand guide for busy women. If you are discovering the impacts of chemicals and toxins on the skin and your health, this book is a must-have guide to gain beautiful skin without invasive treatment or toxic products.


Time to experience Earth and Skin?

Stepping into Earth and Skin feels like time has stopped, the weight is lifted and the moment is only about you.  Louisa’s aim of delivering luxurious beauty products and services that are vegan, organic, toxin and animal cruelty-free with no negative impact on health or the environment has well and truly being achieved. Gift yourself time to nurture and nourish, you will not be disappointed.


Here are some of the photos of our amazing birthday party. Enjoy…..

Earth + Skin

Earth and Skin, Gold Coast is a Day Spa and Beauty Shop with a difference. Situated in our gorgeous Queenslander building, iconic to the heritage village of Mudgeeraba. Our light filled space is decorated with natural decor, living greenery and soothing music which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere where our clients enjoy mindful spa treatments without negative impact to their health or the environment. Enjoy a full range of facials, body therapy and beauty treatments. Everything we do at Earth and Skin is done with care for you, planet Earth and your skin. Because beauty does not have to compromise your health.

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