9 things Earth and Skin Beauty Day Spa does differently (and why it matters)

When I set up Earth and Skin, an organic day spa on the Gold Coast, I have to admit my motivation wasn’t just to share my personal mission (more on that shortly).

At home with two small kids, and climbing the walls, I felt compelled to ‘do something’. While I love being a mum, another part of me needed fulfilment.

Reaching that point has been its own interesting journey. My science background quenched my need for research – understanding the what and why behind things.

A career experience leaving me without a sense of smell prompted deeper enquiry into safe beauty products. Challenges with fertility (thankfully overcome) focused my attention towards organic and healthier lifestyle choices.

What does all this have to do with Earth and Skin Beauty Day Spa and what makes it different to other beauty spas?

The short answer is: everything. Read on to discover why we’re different and why it’s important if inner beauty and an outer aesthetic is a priority for you.


Earth & Skin ? 08/2020

1 |  Earth and Skin Beauty Day Spa is quiet and calming

One major priority for Earth and Skin was to create a peaceful, calming and nurturing space. It had to be a place our clients would feel instantly more relaxed in when they arrived.

If you’ve ever had the experience of receiving a beauty or massage treatment in a busy shopping centre, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The noise and distraction can reduce any benefits and enjoyment gained.

We’ve thoughtfully created a light, white space with the energy to elevate a person’s mood the moment they walk in. Soothing music, tasteful design, loads of greenery inside and out, and a standalone building add to the calm. Before a treatment has started, our guests already feel nurtured and looked after.


2|  Our living greenery brings the outside in

My husband and kids will testify to my somewhat uncontrolled penchant for propagating plants. Quite literally, I have cuts of plants everywhere. At home. And at Earth and Skin Beauty Day Spa.

Although this could be considered the plant version of a ‘crazy cat lady’, I feel there’s a deeper rationale to my snipping and repurposing.

It’s allowed me to inexpensively create a beautiful living green environment in the spa. And I haven’t just chosen any plants. I’ve carefully selected those plants (mostly the pothos plant) with health giving properties.

Originating from French Polynesia, this lovely plant is durable, requires very little care and, most importantly, purifies the air. To say I love my pothos plants is an understatement. Bringing living greenery inside is also a gentle and natural nod to our sustainable approach to beauty.

3 | Our products are non-toxic (really)

In my personal quest to find products that are safe for the environment and me, I discovered there were a lot of ring ins. I found that green claims weren’t entirely green.

At Earth and Skin, I made a conscious choice to use and stock only products that are vegan, organic, environmentally sustainable – and that work. Our approach means we know our clients, our therapists, animals and Earth are safe.

4 | At Earth and Skin, we do vegan products

My own shift to vegetarianism arose from a growing awareness around the impact of our lifestyles on animals.

Sadly, the beauty industry is guilty of particularly harmful practices when it comes to the development and testing of products. In many cases, animals get hurt. Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, as it is for a growing number of people, or a desire for safe products, we are proud to offer vegan options across a range of beauty treatments.

If this is important to you, discover more about them here.

Earth & Skin // 03.21


5 |  We share our secrets (code for educate and raise awareness)

Many clients come to us not really understanding what’s right for them in terms of beauty treatments and products.

Thankfully, that’s where we help.

Earth and Skin therapists are trained to educate clients about their skin and what works and doesn’t. We also raise awareness about the benefits of using safe, organic and vegan products.

For some people, they are surprised to learn of the long term harmful effects of non-organic products. Others are already on the road to choosing more wisely, driven to different decisions by serious health scares from cancer and other life-changing conditions.

A big part of our mission is education. The good news is we’re happy to share our secrets with anyone willing to make wise beauty choices for themselves and their families.

6 | You can relax totally

Remember I mentioned right up front I was looking for a way to avoid the wall climbing of being at home with two kids? Most women we treat (and yes, we treat men too) are in need of nurturing and time out. Earth and Skin provides that opportunity. Totally.

When you come to us for a treatment, it truly is the chance to relax and let go. One of my great joys is seeing the look on a client’s face after one of our beautiful rejuvenating facials. It really is a total transformation. Taking an hour or two out of life to replenish is not a luxury. It’s a necessity, an investment and a fundamental of self-care.

And we love doing that for our people.


Earth & Skin // 03.21

7 | We research the research and stay on top of trends

My science background means I’m always researching the research. More than just satisfying curiosity, my fascination with developments and trends now has a purpose. I’m driven by a desire to find and source the best products and treatments for our clients.

This has led us to integrate innovate treatments like the Vegan Collagen Stimulating Facial and safe, organic products not tested on animals. Mindfulness is also fundamental to our approach to treatments and client care. More than an add on, this caring and thoughtfulness is fully integrated into the way we do things.

It means that at every visit, a person feels nourished, cared for and supported. Exactly as we intended.


8 | Everything about Earth and Skin beauty day spa is cruelty free

Sadly, there is animal products in a lot of products. More than once I’ve been known to say that the only way I like animals touching my face is when I cuddle them. I can’t bear the thought of anything suffering to make me look more ‘beautiful’. At Earth and Skin beauty day spa, we’ve consciously created a place with products and treatments that are cruelty free.

It allows our clients to truly relax when they come see us.

9 | We genuinely care

There is no doubt one of the most rewarding aspects of Earth and Skin is the people we care for.

A world away from highly commercialised beauty that’s marketed through the media, we offer a natural, organic, and safe retreat where people can be themselves.

And our clients know it.

We make follow up calls after treatments, we check in with our new clients to make sure everything’s okay, and we support people with nurturing treatments when they need it.

It’s just how we do things. Want to know more? Why not visit us?


Earth and Skin is a Gold Coast organic day spa with a difference. We offer beauty treatments and products that are vegan, organic, chemical-free and free from animal cruelty. We have done the research into the safety and toxicity of common beauty rituals and have developed our menu based on the safest, most effective treatments available. If you’d love to experience beauty that cares for you and the Earth, we’d love to see you. Call now on 07 5530 7959 to book an appointment or book online.

Earth + Skin

Earth and Skin, Gold Coast is a Day Spa and Beauty Shop with a difference. Situated in our gorgeous Queenslander building, iconic to the heritage village of Mudgeeraba. Our light filled space is decorated with natural decor, living greenery and soothing music which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere where our clients enjoy mindful spa treatments without negative impact to their health or the environment. Enjoy a full range of facials, body therapy and beauty treatments. Everything we do at Earth and Skin is done with care for you, planet Earth and your skin. Because beauty does not have to compromise your health.

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