Sugaring Vs Waxing – Which One to Choose

Body sugaring Gold Coast

Are you looking for waxing on the Gold Coast? Have you considered sugaring as a hair removal technique?

Having smooth skin on our bodies has been a part of fashion in some form or another for centuries.

It is said that Egyptians may have been the forerunners of this trend with most women removing all their hair including the hair on their heads. During the Roman Empire, hairless bodies were a sign of high class. Then in the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth I started a trend amongst courtiers to remove the hair from their faces (including eyebrows) and even extended their hairline to give the appearance of a higher forehead.

While women of the past have used various methods for hair removal including creams, tweezers, threading, and shaving, there are two main methods of hair epilation in modern times: sugaring and waxing.

Sugaring and waxing are very similar but also very far apart.

While waxing is very mainstream and can be found in at-home kits or at almost every beauty salon on every corner, Sugaring is a little-known secret of hair removal.  And once people try sugaring, they swear never to return to waxing.

For those who have been waxing forever, it is a difficult thing to commit to trying something new. We’ve decided to break it down by telling you all there is to know about both methods.

Here it is – our comparison of sugaring vs waxing.


Waxing has long been considered the holy grail of hair removal for those wanting long-lasting results.

It is easy to find and relatively easy to do yourself. If you want to wax, you can choose to do it yourself with home waxing kits that are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets, or you can leave it to the professionals.

What is wax made of?

Hair removal waxes’ main ingredient is synthetic or natural resin. The resin is often made from pine resin however higher quality, better-performing waxes often contain mostly synthetic resin. Most waxes are coloured and fragranced and synthetic resin is easier to colour and fragrance.

The Method – Waxing

The wax is solid but is heated so it is almost runny. Once it is hot, the wax is applied to the skin with a disposable spatula in the same direction as the hair growth. Waxing strips are applied to ease the removal process and then once the wax has solidified, the strip is removed swiftly in the opposite direction to hair growth.

A new spatula is used to grab more wax and the process is repeated until the entire area is waxed.

What about waste?

While there is little information on the ability of these resins to break down once disposed of, we have to remember the environmental effect of processing these synthetic resins. Also, we should remember the number of strips that end up in landfills when using this waxing technique. Waxing salons throw out bag upon bag of waste every day including wax strips, spatulas, disposable bed liners, and clumps of used wax.

The cons of waxing

  • Painful
  • Risk of ingrown hairs
  • Risk of burns
  • Risk of grazing
  • Snapped hair
  • Risk of infection
  • High amount of waste that ends up in landfill
  • Wax often contains plastic polymer
  • Body hair must be around 10mm long to be waxed

Eyebrow body sugaring Gold Coast


Our favourite form of hair removal is sugaring. Not only is it less painful, but it is environmentally friendly and great for your skin with fewer ingrown hairs and an exfoliating effect on your skin when you have it done.

What is Sugar paste made of?

Sugaring paste is made of sugar, water and lemon juice. There are no fragrances or dyes added to the sugar paste. It is so natural you can eat it. I can tell you that it is delicious – almost like a sticky lemon toffee.

The Method – Sugaring

Sugar paste is heated to just above room temperature so it doesn’t feel hot when applied to the skin.

A spatula is used to grab a large portion of sugar paste which is applied to the skin. The paste is applied against the hair growth and removed with the hair growth which is the exact opposite of waxing. The spatula is then used to grab a section of the paste and pull it off in the same direction as the hair growth. This same spatula and sugar paste is used to repeat the process until all the hair is removed.

When applied, the sugar paste only sticks to the hair. It is water soluble meaning that it simply can’t stick to live skin cells because they contain water. Because the sugar paste only sticks to hair, there is significantly less discomfort and risk of grazing or ripping the skin like with waxing.

What about waste?

There is significantly less waste when sugaring than waxing. The sugar paste itself is water soluble and so breaks down very quickly. Sugar paste has a very limited impact on the environment during the manufacturing process and there are no strips used while removing hair from larger body areas and the paste itself is biodegradable.

There was a time in the early days of Earth & Skin when I forgot to put the lid on my sugar paste properly before leaving the spa. When I arrived the next morning, the entire container was filled with ants. They loved it! You definitely wouldn’t see that in a pot of wax!

Pros of Sugaring

  • Almost pain-free
  • Reduces ingrown hair
  • Very low waste
  • Sugar paste is completely natural and water-soluble
  • No risk of burns
  • No risk of grazing
  • No snapped hair
  • No double dipping risk or cross-contamination
  • Hair only needs to be 3-5mm long to be sugared

Cons of Sugaring

  • Not as readily available as waxing

Sugaring is a hair removal treatment that is getting more and more popular and when you compare sugaring vs waxing, it is easy to see why.

Either way, if you are curious, give sugaring a try for yourself. With Brazilians or bikini treatments taking around 15 minutes and not hurting nearly as much as wax does, you’d be crazy not to.

We are the leading sugaring hair removal specialists on the Gold Coast. Book your sugaring appointment today!

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