Our 5 Favourite Clean Beauty Bloggers

As passionate believers in toxin-free beauty and living here at Earth and Skin, we believe in the power of many and the universal sharing of information to educate people on the benefits of a toxin-free life. We come across some interesting and passionate people in our quest to provide ethical, organic, chemical and animal cruelty-free beauty products and treatments with little to no impact on health or planet earth and thought we’d share our latest finds.

We have included some excerpts from the blogs we have come across recently. If you connect with what you are reading click through to their pages to read more.


Zjr5xi7qMonique from The Beauty Journal

Monique’s manifesto is Empowering others to be their authentic selves by living a more holistic, conscious life.”

“The Beauty Journal is a place for the beauty conscious looking for eco-friendly, go-to cruelty-free products. Ultimately, my mission is to empower you to feel like your most beautiful self – inside and out – by nourishing your skin with the best nature has to offer”

After feeling as though the mainstream beauty industry was no longer aligning with her conscious way of living and after struggling with her own health issues, Monique decided to dive deep into the world of Green Beauty. Although she wasn’t oblivious to the health concerns linked to conventional cosmetics. It was only after a lot of research that she learnt the ramifications toxic ingredients played on our wellbeing.

We love that Monique is Brisbane raised and loves cacao! And we really love that Monique is passionate about supporting people through the transition to clean beauty and sourcing and using organic, ethical and cruelty-free products. We secretly think Monique is a sister of Earth and Skin 🙂

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61838376 2340765189544842 3386999917718306565 NEmily Banks – Depths of Beauty

“It’s a big part of my mission to remove the ego associated with people wanting to look and feel beautiful. I am hoping to represent beauty in a holistic way and elevate the reputation of natural beauty and its performance…I love natural makeup and skincare, but there is no product that can make a woman feel the kind of radiance and confidence that looking after her diet, mind, body and soul can. I am a firm believer that true beauty comes from within, and every woman deserves to experience the effects of dedicating time to their mental and physical health..I want to encourage and support as many women as possible around the world to feeling how nature intended us to feel and watch them glow with radiance and good vibes.”

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that……. then I realised I am somebody” – Lily Tomlin

We love that Emily is providing makeup masterclasses to show women the beauty of selecting and applying natural makeup. Emily has been an ambassador to two of our favourite brands that we apply in makeup treatments and have for sale in-store, Ere Perez and Inika.

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64503984 1536257479845134 5917681285544331573 NKelsey Price – Liberty Green AU

“Passionate about beauty, health and well-being, I’m showing you that green can be glam, and you needn’t (and shouldn’t!) sacrifice your health for beauty. There are healthy & safe high-performance alternatives to the toxin-laden products you’ll find on the supermarket shelves, and I’m here to help you discover them!”

“Many aren’t tested for safety and have health concerns regarding endocrine (hormone) disruption, organ toxicity, neurological disorders, infertility, birth defects, environmental toxicity, allergens, irritants, neurological toxicity, and carcinogens (cancer-causing). Not everything marketed as green, natural or organic is quite what it claims”

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We believe that nourishing from the inside is just as important as nourishing the skin and why one of our favourite blogs on this page was for the Cherry Ripe Spelt Flour Chocolate Cake made with Loving Earth Hazelnut Chocolate!

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65016174 707365783040291 8317312218614674268 NClaire from Gone Swatching xo

“Of course, there’s nothing compared to being able to try, swatch and feel makeup in person. So instead I created Gone Swatching xo…I’m not doing anything new as a green beauty blogger, but how many times have you looked at a beautifully styled promo photo? How many times have you worried about what it would look like on you?… We all rely on swatch photos provided by companies or other green beauty bloggers. So I’ve found it so frustrating that there are very few companies that use models with an Asian or darker skin tone. I hope to change this.”

We love that Claire is passionate about providing honest reviews, making it easier to cut through clever marketing. Claire’s blog offers information and makeup swatches to match with skin types that are often not included in major campaigns.

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How To Make Bergamot Bedtime Aromatherapy Balm A Soothing Balm Infused With A Sleepy Time Blend Of Essential Oils 4The Natural Beauty Workshop

“Since 1997, From Nature with Love has been a leader in supplying high-quality ingredients to the skincare, aromatherapy, spa and craft industries.”

The owners found an interest in natural skincare when they were seeking treatment for their daughter’s eczema. 

“After trying several commercial products in an effort to treat their daughter’s condition Kibby and Jay became dissatisfied with the results. They also became concerned with the safety of the repeated use of the products. The couple next turned to natural oils as an alternative treatment and were delighted by the results.”

We found some wonderful make your own recipes with a Coconut Aloe Cleansing Balm catching our eye.

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