Dear Mothers, this is your motherhood. You only get to do it once.

We recently moved house and in the process uncovered a box of framed photos that had sat hidden away wrapped in paper in a moving box for a while. Actually that box had been sitting there since the move before this one. Yes we are terrible unpackers.

It was such a lovely surprise to open this box and see so many photos we had forgotten about.

We hung one of the frames which featured a number of different photos. All beautiful and silly moments of our kids when they were much younger. While I love seeing their little faces, walking past this frame every day has made me feel really melancholy lately.

I love my kids unconditionally and I can admit, like many parents I wished the time away  when they were younger. I would often say to my husband, ‘it will be so much easier next year when they can put their own seatbelt on’, ‘it will be easier as soon as they can swim’, it will be easier when they won’t demand a song every night before bed’.

Now as I look at the images of those beautiful little people I miss them. And I realise that they are never ever coming back. Those little cheeks and those little sweet voices are gone forever and in their place are bigger people – almost teens. These bigger people rarely want hugs and scrunch up their nose in disgust when I sing to them. They are independent little adults and don’t need me anywhere near as much as when they were little.

I’m so glad we found that box because it has made me realise that even these present times with my pre-teens will be missed one day. Our children are ever changing and we need to savour each moment while we can. Times as a parent can definitely be hard and we can have days when we can wish we were that carefree person before kids (yes we are allowed to mourn that person too) but we only get one go at parenting. They are children for such a short time.

I got sent this list of ways to savour your children written by Erica Layne and thought I’d share the first 10 with you.


Layne, Erica (2017). 32 Ways to Savour Your Children While You Have Them

Retrieved from

1. Watch them when they sleep.

2. Inhale them after they bathe.

3. Steal some extra time brushing your child’s hair. Keep on brushing it straight through the teen years.

4. Read the heartfelt things your kids write about you and let them sink in. (When our kids give us valentines or birthday cards, are we really taking their words in? It’s time to start.)

5. Break a personal parenting rule or two. I recently took my 3-year-old daughter to get a pedicure. I mean, she’s three! But as it turns out, it’s a memory I’ll savour for a long time.

6. Be silly. Sing at the top of your lungs in the car, dance in the grocery store, pull a harmless prank.

7. Let them climb into bed with you (sometimes).

8. Don’t round UP on their ages. Even if your child turns 7 in two months, keep thinking of him as 6. There’s no need to hurry childhood along, right?

9. Fill your home with photos of them.

10. Practice living simply so your mind is clearer, which—in my case—helps me experience more moments as they come.


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We invited the beautiful mothers, daughters and granddaughters that make up the Earth and Skin team to share their stories on motherhood below.


Tiffany – Spa Therapist

My maternity journey started in a year where nothing made sense anymore and nothing was predictable. You came early and that was the first lesson you taught me. I can’t control everything and that’s okay. I trust my intuition more than all the maternity literature and blogs I have read and being your maman is the first thing I have done in life where I am not doubting myself. Who would have thought. I had never changed a nappy before yours. You bring love and laughter to everyone that meets you. And your light shines and brings hope all the way across the world to my mother land where you are so loved. Lyla Claire you have stole my heart in the way I never expected




Lucie – Client Services
My Mum is my hero. If I become even half the woman that she is I know I will be doing an amazing job! She has taught me so many valuable life lessons and always knows the right thing to say to put a smile on my face. Mum I just wanted to take this time to say how much I love you and how grateful I am for everything that you have done and continue to do for me, you’re such an amazing woman!
My Mum truly is one in a million, she isn’t just my Mum she is my rock, my role model and most importantly my best friend.




Bec – Head Trainer & Spa Therapist
Being a mother is everything to me. All of my life it was the one thing I was sure of. But I could never have imagined or prepared for what it truly meant to wear the Crown of ‘Mother’.
From the moment I held my first born I knew I had in fact birthed myself. The searching girl had become whole and found her purpose. Parts of me began to emerge and grow from the strongest and purest Love.
And I began to see, through my Love for my own daughter,  the Love my own mother had for me.
This beautiful, chaotic, exhausting, mess of motherhood is everything. Every breath, every thought, every hope and dream.


Img 3765


Emilee – Marketing Creative

There’s a million things I could thank my mum for, but I am going to pick a couple that I hope she knows I appreciate.

Thank you;
For the countless sleepless nights you have had to make sure I always get home safely.
For encouraging, celebrating and allowing me to be my creative self, such as having walls still filled with art I made many, many years ago.
For listening to my woes and offering a solution, always.
This list could go on but most of all, thank you for loving me unconditionally.
Img 4654
Stella – Spa Therapist

Being a mother to two small children certainly keeps my hands full. It allows me to enjoy love beyond measure, and an endless supply of laughter and cuddles. Motherhood has taught me the importance of being present, cherishing each moment, and finding the beauty and joy in the small things. I love reliving the magic of childhood through my kids experiences, they have the most inquisitive minds and come out with the funniest things. Becoming a mother has taught me self love too. I have never loved and appreciated my body so much. She has grown and nourished two incredible little humans and for that I am forever grateful and in awe.


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Happy Mother’s Day and remember, this is your motherhood. You only get to do it once.


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